By cyclops

365 Blips!

16:33 - Preparing for my 365th blip, suddenly I hear footsteps behind me. I look round just as the constable comes round the corner with his torch. There's nowhere to hide my spray can and there is paint on my fingers... It's a fair cop.

16:57 - Down at the station, the Blip County Police Department photograph me for their records. I am to be charged with "defacing property while blipping". I am told bail is unlikely to be granted.

17:31 - Thrown into the cells at the Blip County Jailhouse on remand. It's going to be a long night.


Thank you to blipcentral, thank you to everyone who reads my journal, and thank you to MrsCyclops for all her help, support and inspiration. It's her 100th blip today too - check it out if you've not already seen it.

I joined blip 365 days ago with the objective of blipping every day for a year in the hope it would improve my underwater photography. In the process I've rediscovered my love for photography above water and created 365 wonderful memories and at least 340 images that would never otherwise have been created. I'm proud of each one in some way or another, and I think my photography has come on in leaps and bounds.

2009 is going to be en exciting year for me, although also difficult as I'm going to be away from home for almost 7 months and I will miss my wife, cat, family and friends terribly. I hope blip will serve as an anchor for me, and as a way of sharing what I am doing with those close to me. I'm not promising to blip every day, but I'm certainly going to try.

THANK YOU ALL once again.


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