In The Dark

College had us in the darkroom today. First time seeing the images magically materialise in the dev. Pretty cool stuff. (And you may smirk at my exposure; it's all over the place, I know.)

So this last week my computer has had one very stubborn virus gnawing away at it. We thought we had it sorted on the 19th but it reappeared. We tried some more antivirus programs and thought we had it sorted again. Was it sorted? Nope. We might have cycled through that again, I can't remember. Anyway, I think it is sorted now since we've reformatted. Haven't actually been on it yet.

The upshot of all that of course, well, while it wasn't exactly stopping me taking photos I was stranded on my mum's laptop and I resorted to beginning writing a new story so that I didn't die of boredom or something (because obviously I can't live without my computer, har har), so the upshot of that was that I've had limited interest in the real world the last few days. The stories suck me in, especially at the beginning. But I can't give that excuse forever and I don't want to. I'm determined to get back into the groove blip-wise and hopefully will be more inspired for the break. (:

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