Who am I to disagree?

By longshanks

Anyone seen a Surf Scoter?

Here we are at the end of my first year of blipping, sitting here trying to compose some original and hopefully witty way of summing up this blip experience. Something that will bring a smile to those new friends I've made that live somewhere out there in the ether. Whose journals I enjoy reading, who let me in to some small part of their lives, who comment on my journal and make me smile, laugh and even cry.

Oh bu**er originality - Simply thanks to everyone out there that makes this such a great community and especially those at blip central that make it all hang together - THANK YOU ALL.

Now that's out the way, back to the normal inane drivel:

Here we are at Ruddons Point, we've got the bird book out to check out what a Surf Scoter looks like, because we've been told there's one here, in fact those that follow this journal will know we actually saw it last Tuesday, but failed to get a reasonable picture. So we returned today to try and rectify that, but it refused to come close.

We reckon it's just over 4km in a direct line between Ruddons and Lower Largo and it must have been slap bang in the middle. So RCB's blip of the Surf Scoter was of a bird that's smaller than a Mallard at 2km distance. So if you want to see what it looks like, your best option is to view in Large and read the guidebook.

What do you mean, there's a flock behind us! Don't be daft, this is a bird that breeds in the north of North America and in recent years there have been a maximum of twenty wintering records.

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