Go Forth

And multiple expose.

Back to this series today, back to the Forth and the approach/exit road on the newest crossing over the river, the geographically challengingly named "Clackmannanshire Bridge". It seems the people in Kincardine-on-Forth are even unsure of their own identity now and this naming of massive engineering projects after their neighbouring county probably doesn't help with this.

Regular visitors to this blip journal will know that this isn't my favourite stretch of road and I regularly take the alternative route over this back road to avoid the Nascar racers down there. I'd like to see how they'd cope with that road to nowhere lane in the middle if it existed.

February done, March (and Spring?) now in the driving seat. Good.

Flip-blip #5. Left hand original and right hand original. The other double-take blips in this series are all here.

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