Baby42 was actually playing up for the camera at dinner time. I should have known that posing would come at some point given the number of pictures I've taken of her. But 11 months...?

This is her first experiment with eating jelly (kiddy friendly jelly). Most of it slid straight out of her mouth as she's not used to such slippery food. But funny to watch.

Also trying out Lightroom for processing the shots because I might need to use it for something I'm helping a mate out with. I've used it before but never on my own PC (I use UFRaw and GIMP).

So far:
* Powerful
* Nice interface
* Slooooow (on my ageing PC)
* Too many buttons!

But I managed to get an interesting image of baby42 out of it...

- - - - -

LOTD: Really like the vibrant hyper-real colours in Ben's View's King of the Swingers blip

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