Everything's Not Quite The Same

... or "Spot the Difference" ...

Monday and its back to work and furiously trying to get everything under control before the new arrival, well, arrives. I'm getting there. Every time my mobile me and the team get a little rush of excitement knowing that one day the call will be The Call.

Excited and nervous at the same time. Hopefully everything will be OK.

Anyhow - I got out for a quick wander at lunchtime and stood looking shifty for a few minutes photographing the passing life in the reflections outside the Point Conference centre.

This is actually two shots but one flipped. Makes for an interesting effect I thought. Check it out larger for the full effect.

Reject: Passing Strangers

- - - - -

LOTD: R3zA's "Eye of the Insane" blip is brilliant - if a little disturbing. Go check it out.

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