The prospects were grim - a day of sitting in front of a computer writing a tender. The same tender I'll be writing for weeks. No fun. But then an email from Mr Sitting suggesting coffee at Artisan Roast. Excellent. A walk, a chat and hopefully a photo. The coffee at Artisan Roast is excellent and it's staffed by very cool people who are insanely passionate about their coffee. On a previous visit I watched in awe as they mixed beans, ground them and then tasted the results. Kind of like the way I drink whisky only in smaller quantities. Two double espressos was a bit much so I was a bit twitchy on the walk back to work.

Anyway, Lucas here was very chatty and friendly so it seemed OK to ask to take his photo. If I were better I'd have got a decent photo of him with the fancy espresso machine in it. Sadly no. Still, he's a photographer so as well as chat about coffee there was chat about cameras and ISOs.

The day's other highlight was finally getting to replace the stolen headphones. Another small shop and friendly, well informed and helpful service at HiFi Corner. Must buy more music now.

I gave Lucas the web address so if he pops by, he might be interested in this alternative.

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