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Painting Pavements

This morning Toddler woke up hungry at 5.45. I managed to persude her to stay in bed till 7.00 though she was not quiet about it.

A requested double portion of breakfast made us decide she was over her illness of yesterday and so we allowed her to go to nursery for the morning.

At 11.oo o'clock nursery rang to ask me to come get her as she was not being her usual self. In there words "She is not running round with the boys like she usually does." So I went straight down and picked her up an hour early.

On the way I saw this rubbish, that someone had put out on the street, though I don't know what is in there exactly I think I can have a good guess.

I ended up carrying Toddler all the way home, the long way, as she wanted to go to the shops. We looked for a new film to get with no luck so when we got home we ended up watching Robots and Shrek and had a picnic in front of the telly. She was clearly still feeling a bit sorry for herself as she did not want to go out into the lovely sunshine, which also meant I was on nurse duty and so took no more photos today.

Granny and Grandpa have since arrived and Toddler has now perked up which is nice to see.

So the picture for todays blip is a bit random but its all I have got. Though it does remind me of cleaning our sofa last night so I suppose there is a bit of a tie in!

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