By Jamjar

Random collection

No sun today so no coffee on the roof terrace, but this collection of objects sits on one of the tile-topped gas boxes* on the sun terrace at the Mas and is standing in for today.

The objects include:-

rusty bit of wire to help keep the pool cover in place in very high winds
two ornaments that came with the house, which are now named Jan and Steve
dug-up bottle
dug-up pinky tumbler bottom
terracotta oil burner
candle holder
lumps of quartz
several bits of bomb-body and tail-fin found in our field
small unidentified fossil
an ashtray we no longer need

*block built boxes with metal, padlockable door to keep the gas (butane or propane) bottles in. The cookers, both at the Mas and in the village, run on bottled gas as there is no mains gas at present. Originally there was, and will be again once we move the electric fridge-freezer to the village, a gas fridge-freezer at the Mas.

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