Nicole's odd life

By oddlife

Leftovers are tasty

Thank you husband for coming home from work and cooking for me :)

Bit of another horrid day I'm afraid. Confrontation with neighbours AGAIN resulting in me being man-handled by neighbours son and very angry about it all. Then dissolving into floods of tears the moment I don't have to be angry and tough.

Had to take another trip to the Carehome today as I managed to not sign my disclosure! silly me! Still....I got to have a blether with my employer and find out about shifts and as soon as my references are in, I get to start! Fingers crossed for this week coming, or ideally the next week cause it would be nice to say bye bye to everyone at Sky properly.

My poor computer got some nice old hard-drives that Mark took out of his, so all my snaps are off to another drive....all 192GB of them...oops. Must clear this out. So he's off to press the very scary delete button and risk loosing all the happy memories of my life for the sake of making things run a little faster and I am off to oven the cherry pie!

Happy Weekend folks!

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