This image sort of continues on with the World book day theme....this is the end of one of my favorite has two beautiful beads at either end of a piece of wire.....sitting here on my desk, the light struck it in such a way that i felt inspired to blip it!

It's been a funny sort of day....worked a bit in the studio etc....but have had a somewhat disquieting feeling for most of the afternoon....and on reflection i think i've found daughter, who is still at school, is struggling! struggling with a pretty big thing....where will she be living come this September. The university program she is most of the way thro, has an internship/placement portion to it. this means that next year, her final year...she has to do a placement in a hospital, work full time for no pay, and pay tuition....somehow this just seems wrong!! I get it on some level, they are trying to provide these students with real life experience, that's a good thing...but the stress that these poor kids are dealing with is enormous. The woman who is supposed to be organizing these placements seems to be a typical academic, low on compassion....i realize i'm stereotyping and making a sweeping generalization....but she doesn't seem to be too compassionate towards these young folks who are having to live the uncertainty of where they have to be next academic year. So today, i spent some time talking with my daughter, trying to figure out some networking strategies....and i know we'll figure something out...but it's a strange process....April 4th they will have all the placement situations up on a board, and then the teacher will commence to draw a name out of the hat, and that student gets to pick her placement! talk about stress!!! mostly i feel like she is gaining such a good life lesson, and then i feel so impotent that i am so far away from her, and i can't be there to comfort her or be there for her! Oh shit, it's so hard that they grow up and need to figure out life for themselves.....and yet, i know she's a strong and well balance young woman, and my heart aches for her....and aches to be there to help her thro this struggle. But here i am, with the choices i've made....ain't life complicated sometimes!!!

and i thought i didn't really have anything to write about this evening...huh!!!

all in all, i trust she'll be just fine, and with the help i am giving her we'll figure it all out - ahhh...motherhood, or should i say 'parenthood''s an awesome journey that has no end...thank god!

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