Cape Smokey!

Not the best shot ever taken, but it gives the feeling of the day!

We headed up to Ingonish, to Cape Smokey ski area! The drive alone is spectacular cos it's part of the Cabot Trail, and takes about an hour! It was a fabulous day, sunny, warm and the conditions were awesome!

This is an amazing story.....Cape Smokey has been a ski resort it seems, for maybe 30 odd years, 4 years ago the Government closed it cos it wasn't bringing in enough revenue to sustain itself.....anyway, it's been sitting dormant all this time! Until a wonderful group of volunteers decided to take a wack at running the place! so at the beginning of February they opened it on the weekends, Friday, Saturday and Sunday......$10 for a day's ticket, and $10 to rent equipment. There is only one pommel lift open, but it was just perfect! I'm so impressed with what a group of committed volunteers can pull off!

So here I am, bundled up to the hilt.....i always overdress on the slopes!!! We were both pretty stiff and tired at the end of the day.....I've been a skier for over 30 years, but for the past 6-7 years i've only been on the slopes maybe 4-5 times! the last time was 2 years ago!!! But i have that lovely tired and satisfied feeling.....

Have a look here to see the view we had from the top of the run.

Now for dinner and a glass of wine.....and a sit in front of the tv and the wood stove....jez, it's doesn't get much better than this....a bit of a contrast to yesterdays entry !

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