View from the studio door...

I woke to an amazingly beautiful sight....very heavy snow covering all the trees shrouded in a dense mist ...that was at 7am...i almost got out of bed to take a photo...but then thought...nay, it's too warm and cosy in here.....woulda, coulda....shoulda.....another potentially wonderful blip gone!! but it was worth it :)

spent the day preparing for a glaze kiln to go on tomorrow evening. usually takes about a day and half to prepare all the items....but this time it'll take a bit longer, cos i wasn't factoring in having to resieve all my glazes! During the first part of winter we didn't put any heat on in the studio and all the glazes froze! not a big deal i thought, i'll just give them a good mix with the mixer and off you go! well not so easy.....there were weird kinda lumps in all of them.....sieving glazes is one of my most detested jobs in the studio......messy, slow.....and just a pain in the ass....and even more so when i wasn't anticipating having to do that job! oh well.....i got 3 of the 5 done and my dear wonderful Terry offered to do the last 2 while i got on with the rest of the work!

Tired now....but sitting down, beer by my side.....and a quiet evening ahead!!!

Happy Monday folks !

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