Five things

By fivethings

The little man in the corner

1. Arriving at Colin's last night in a glum mood full of muttering and complaint to discover a bottle of chilled cava and a dinner of - wait for this - scallops, black pudding, carmelised pear and rocket. Technically this is a sixth good thing from yesterday, but it's my Blip so I've decided that some days I can carry over.

2. A long lie. A breakfast of fresh bread & jam. A big pot of coffee and starting an amazing book call The Art of McSweenys. If you are even just slightly interested in McSweeneys or Dave Eggers or graphic design, publishing or books in general, this book is a feast. Lovely.

3. Home via Oxfam Books and Music to stock up. Went in empty handed and left with Kingsley Amis, Daphne Du Maurier (spelling?) and yet another book of AL Kennedy short stories. In and home and out again for a run round the park, some pilates and a big long read at the paper.

4. Back over the other side of the park for a gorgeous dinner of fillet steak, bashed potatoes and green beans followed by the last 3 episodes of Mad Men season four. I could write five things about Mad Men alone (more if I let myself), but that's for another day.

5. This little statue is one of the many that are dotted round Colin's flat. These odd little fellows are tucked in corners, on shelves and hanging up high. All made by him and in the right place. Some say this chap looks like he's in trouble and has been sent ot the corner. Me, I think he's just resting his weary head after a tough day - in need of a bottle of fizz, a good meal and someone to talk to.

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