Five things

By fivethings

Close Encounters 2

1. Starting to become vaguely interested in why Glasgow closes have stained glass windows that look like animals. This is the window in Colin's close. Previously I had said they looked like grumpy penguins but I'm not sure grumpy is the right expression - more sleepy. One of the dwarves at least. I have ducks.

2. Up with the larks to take the Troll's head to the library in a cab.

3. Lunch at the Bay Tree - chicken kebabaramadingdong.

4. An afternoon of headmelting technical details, hard conversations and tricksyness. The stroll to the station was a welcome blast of winter air.

5. In. Home. Fire. Telly. The baby documentary starts in 30 minutes (I'll be crying in 32). I have a pudding in a pot from Marks and Spencer. You can call it a Skinny Raspberry Frappe all you want but we all know it's Angel Delight and jam.

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