Five things

By fivethings

The wait backstage

1. International womans day today. There didn't seem to be an obvious image from my real world. I considered a self portrait but I'm not feeling very womanly or international so instead plumped for a photo of a photo. This is a picture of my mum when she was wee, waiting to go on stage (she's at the bottom staring down. I don't think I have ever seen another image that captures the utter terror and bewilderment of waiting to perform more than this. The main reason I picked this, of course, is becuase today is about celebrating women and there is no other woman than wee Lorna that deserves my thanks and praise.

2. It's also Pancake Day. As someone with a savoury tooth, I celebrated my own Fishcake Day instead - less tossing and faffing with frying pans and batter.

3. A trip to Howden Park Arts Centre today, which is a very cool place then a swift detour to deliver the Troll's head safely back to the cupboard. A busy and productive day all round.

4. It's wintery outside, rain against the window. There was a flash of a sunset around six that lit up the sky and then it was gone. Walking home in the not quite dark is still a novelty in early March.

5. I was supposed to be out but I changed my mind. It's ok to be in. In and warm and anti-social. It is Fishcake Day after all.

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