Five things

By fivethings


1. An early start on a snowy train journey to Edinburgh to attend a great big meeting to talk about Edinburgh.

2. A windy walk down Cockburn Streeet then along Princes Street. It struck me that I may never have taken a photo of Edinburgh castle before despite walking past it hundreds of times. It was looking pretty ominous today, dark and broody in the odd sunlight.

3. Sitting in a bookshop on the bridges. It's packed full of people with laptops and coffees in huge cups. Today, I joined their ranks for an hour or two.

4. A solo dinner at Henricks on Lothian Road before the show. A night at the Traverse for Girl X and the post show talk, that dash to Haymarket and sitting on the train with the choir.

5. And finally there's Queen Street, that lingering last rattle through the egg scented tunnel. A Glasgow taxi driver and home.

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