Nicole's odd life

By oddlife

Pancake overload and games...

It was Pancake day...and yes...I ate my weight in pancakes. It was marvellous.

Went and had my smear (for those who were worried!) and that was fine. Less ouchie than normal. I was going to ask if I could take a picture of all the proddy things, but when push came to shove I was a bit of a gibbering nervous thing. Hmm...maybe you get over this as you get older?

So anyway, went off to MIL's house and played Trivial Pursuit, which I lost. I was last. I'm never very good at winning these things. We then played Monopoly City till 2am (so....4 and a half hours of Monopoly) and I came 3rd last....or just 4th as I like to call it. Out of 6. Ach. Told you I'm no good at winning.

Fun times though, I rather enjoyed the husband miscounting cause he was so tired and thinking people were landing on his property with him shouting that random properties were his.

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