Frog and the little bird

I can't believe it's already one year ago that Martine's uncle Jan Emo died. We miss him a lot...

His death had a huge impact on Inge as well. We didn't notice this at first but after two months she started talking and asking questions about the funeral. It had been raining during the funeral and Inge had remembered how everyone got wet except uncle Jan Emo. This remark, months after the event, brought both a smile and a tear on our faces.

The subject of death is covered in the child's book 'Kikker en het vogeltje' (Frog and the little bird) in which Frog finds a dead bird and after initially thinking it was just sleeping Frog and his friends organize a memorial service. It's a great book to discuss the subject with young children. It was written and illustrated by Max Velthuijs.

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