Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


Today I bought a new camera!! It's the brand newest Canon rebel T3i (600)-Yes, I did a lot of research and was considering the 60D (as high as my budget would go) but there wasn't enough difference between the two to warrant the heavier bigger body. I'm quite used to carrying the smaller one around. So mostly I was just figuring the controls out - it will work in much lower light- this photo is ISO 6400 untouched, except for crop-and not all THAT grainy. (?) Also has the big swivel LCD screen, and does video. :-) fun! I just got the body so of course I still do need a better lens - working on that. I hope not too far from now.
Very nasty grey rainy day with high wind warnings up right now-so I didn't do a lot of experimenting outside today. I was needing color! The grandchildren couldn't be without these.

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