Nicole's odd life

By oddlife

Oh BBC Good Food, I love you.

You let me cook so many tasty things. You haven't failed me yet. From roast potatoes, to chicken cacciatore, to this here chocolate cake with chocolate ganache.

Wonderful. Smells SO SO SO SOOOOO good. When is internet-smellovision coming? I think I am absorbing calories through my nose.

Last day at Sky tomorrow which is why I'm baking. It's been an interesting 7 and a bit years...but it's time to be a crazy nurse and see people in person.

Thank you Sky for keeping me financially afloat, filling my days with far too much TV, meeting so many lovely people and for turning me from the quiet girl who wouldn't go and order a chippy cause she was too nervous and scared to the rather un-quiet, confident, quirky and assertive woman I am now. You've given me so much more than just a job.

Most of all, thank you for being the place I stumbled across my husband. Borrowing a remote control...if only he knew what that would lead to! That certainly makes it worth all the horrible days where I hated working for you.

Thank you.

P.S. Back blipped from yesterday, the husbands offering.

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