Nicole's odd life

By oddlife

Bye bye Sky

So....last day today.

I took calls, I answered emails. I had my return to work (why?????) I got to go and try and solve a MURDER that involved a Sky remote control, an ethernet cable, lots of post-it notes and crisps, we had a fun quiz instead of a brief, we got to make non-alcoholic cocktails and we got guns, handcuffs and police badges. Oh...and hawaii5-o shirts. AND we ate cake. That cake from yesterday was good. Uber chocolate overload.

This is Iain from my - now old - work. Also lovely friend Nick. They are sharing some man-love. Ahhhh....Iain looks so happy :)

Bye bye's been...emmm....stressful and upsetting and fabulous.

P.S. I did check back at the lovely poster and strangely it had another advert on top of it, but some of the lyric tabs had been taken!

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