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Before I start rambling thanks for all your comments yesterday I am overwhelmed, I got a notification to say it hit spotlight but I can't find it there.

This Blip could have any of three titles
1: The Day I Became an Avatar
2: Self
3: What the Window Cleaner ( nearly ) saw

Day started off spectacularly well, it was so sunny and lovely and I was dying to embrace the day, I hopped in the shower, hopped out again ( I had a wash in between), ran into the bedroom, grabbed the phone to get a photo, opened the curtains, flung the window wide open ready to greet the day and shoot the sun on the horizon
(It was all a bit like Little House on The Prairie with a Yorkshire accent ). I started to take a shot only to see that the window cleaner was there right in front of me in the neighbours' garden. Yes, perfectly normal to be taking photos hanging out of a window dressed in only a kid's Disney towel. Luckily the towel stayed intact but it could have ended all so differently!

I have been toying all day with how to do a none serious naked self portrait, this is about the best naked shot you will ever see of me. Naturally I had to cut my head off ( if only I had been married to Henry The Eighth ...) and mess with the colours to make it unrecognisable!! Hence the blue tones, I think I could have starred in Avatar you know, and if they could put me in one of those stretching machines to make me 9 foot tall like an Avatar aswell that would be super!!

In all honesty, whilst this has been a joke it has actually been quite an odd but emancipating experience doing a SP. I used to always be in front of the camera but over the last two years I have had my self confidence ripped to shreds and whilst on an emotional level I feel right back to where I was and very strong, I am not a fan of photos of me at the moment.

For one reason or another I have been reflecting upon the last few years today and how things have changed so much for the better and how I feel so strong and confident in comparison. I guess the next step is to stop hiding behind jeans and cardigans and get my proper confident clothes back on and let the world know I am back!

I know this is self indulgent twaddle, but in fairness I am going to put my sensible head on and watch the news and think about serious stuff

Night Night
A kind friend posted this song for me on FaceBook today

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