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By yearofhappy

Framing the Big Man

What an absolutely lovely sunny day.

Spring may well be here again ( obviously I understand the rules, when I praise the sun I must understand that I need to expect snow in about half an hour ).

Nice to have a Sunday with no hangover ( this giving up wine may have some good points !) . We went off to church , I am not the best Catholic in the world but we made it in. The Bishop was there and it's really hard for me as an avid Father Ted fan not to link the two things !

It was a good leveller being at church.I have mentioned before that I have a transient relationship with religion for many reasons. I am not really sure what I believe but I always feel a sense of calm when I am in church . It's time to contemplate and maybe that's not the most noble of motives for bejng there, but the way I see it is that whilst I am there then ,at the very least, I am out of mischief !

I genuinely don't mean to offend any people with a strong faith here, I am merely musing out loud and I have an inability to switch off my honesty button.

Anyway this wasn't about religious debate, it was about the day starting off calmly.

The afternoon was in the park with the girls , more ice creams and running about, more geocaching but no being reprimanded today!

This photo was taken with me inside the bandstand at Robert's Park , the structure frames the statue which is about 100 feet in front of it ( am I allowed to use old money measurements or am I contravening some EU directive ? ) . I adore the way this came out.

The man in the statue is the one and only Sir Titus Salt, the big man who built Saltaire
( imagine an olden days Bill Gates of the industrial world ). I will include a link about him later and add it but at the moment I am on my phone in my bedroom whilst my eldest is on the computer downstairs ! Role reversal ??

Hope it's been calm and lovely for you all .

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