Golden Rocks

"Just because you have thought of the word gold does not give you the right to automatically post the song Gold by Spandau Ballet you know. It is NOT ok. It may be one of your filthy secrets that you like this shockingly cheesy song but no , absolutely no Spandau Ballet."

I was working in Ilkley yesterday and had a little meander up Ilkley Moor just before sunset: vast, stunning and tranquil with just a hint of gold ( " I am warning you .... " )

I say tranquil, I had someone come up to me , sing to me, and then slowly things dawned on him and he looked moritified and said " Oh you are not Catherine are you ?!" . Yup he's right. I am infact not Catherine.

How do things like this happen to me all the time....

Ooh, more 9 carat gold but it's not "them "

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