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Nothing to see here

1. This is a photo taken by me at work. I'm at the opening night of a show in Aberdeen called Nothing to See Here. The final scene (spoiler alert) involves you being prepped on a dance routine in a dressing room while getting your hair and make up done. You are then led down some corridors through screaming fans, signing autographs. At the end of the this corridor you meet the rest of the band and you walk out on stage to a cheering crowd. This is the cheering crowd. This photo doesn't capture the mood nearly enough. It was buzzing.

2. Other scenes involve being bundled into a van, kidnapped, appearing on a quiz show and escaping from a serial killer. The cast are all school kids and members of the local community and they are all (all 250 of them) without exception, amazing.

3. I've experienced a couple of other shows like this, but none of them had the out and out joy that this did. This had no point to prove other than enjoy life - do things that scare you and have fun. What could be better than that?

4. The show is followed by some Extreme ceilidh dancing with the DJ providing a techno soundtrack. I've never seen so many young folk dancing at a ceilidh. I thought that normal pace Strip the Willow was pretty dangerous, but this pushed the barriers. Thank you to my teenage dance partner - both for crossing the dancefloor to ask me and for being kind when it looked like I might pass out!

5. If I had been involved in this when I was in school it would have blown me away. Some nights I go to work and my batteries are recharged in one single shot.

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