Five things

By fivethings


1. Just back from the theatre. Tonight it was my brothers musical, Watertight. It was a really great night. The performances were impressive, some were outstanding. The direction was really great, I felt like I was in the story. The music was really polished and kind of like you'd heard it before - I mean that in a good way. The words were origninal and the story tight, gripping, crafted and full of wonder.

2. Holiday today. It snowed all day and my plan was to take it easy, have a nice long lie, read, clean my flat and generally relax. Plans slightly scuppered by my boss texting fairly early on which of course sets me on edge and the day turns into working from home. Well, not actual work, more worrying at home. I do have a very clean flat though. And a new mop. Yup. That's one of my five things today. A. New. Mop.

3. This is a picture of my bathroom wall, which is fitting because I spent a lot of my day in here - cleaning. With my new mop. Yup cleaning the bathroom is one of my five today too

4. A nice evening with the mums and granties (great aunts). We all went back to Douglas and Caroline's for a blether. An impromptu little gathering.

5. Ham sandwiches on white bread with salad cream. I know. I can see it too. Aside from Watertight, finding another four things has been tough. Hold on, what night is it? Tuesday. Well that explains it.

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