By Adda

Morning Walk

Today in the evening, I got an unusual and unexpected call. On the other side was this extraordinary rider. He had completed his trip of 8000 kms and had reached back Bangalore. He called up to thank us for the support we extended (which, according to me was really nothing compared to his efforts) to him during his journey. I was surprised that he remembered us and more than that, took the time out to call and express his gratitude. I was awed by his humility.

Got to read about another extraordinary story from a fellow rider from work. Pasting his own words here -
The biggest of them all was during rains. Hi-tec City railway underpass was flooded during rains. I distinctly remember the first big rain to hit Hyderabad was on a Friday and it poured from 6 pm to 12 am non-stop. I left office at 6.30 pm. Riding was ruled out. So I walked my cycle till Hi-Tec city station and by the time I reached there it was 8.30 pm. A lot of cars were stranded. Some were floating and some got immersed in water. My modest cycle came to everyone?s rescue. :) From 8.30 pm to 1 am on Saturday, I was there at the underpass helping stranded motorists cross the underpass. How did we do it? My cycle functioned like a walking stick or a balancer. Two of us crossed the other side walking our cycle in the waist deep water. One of them came back and gave the cycle to a motorist. The motorist would slowly wade through and cross the underpass and then I would take back the cycle to the other end and hand it over to another motorist. By the time we had the sixth motorist cross the other side, we optimized our technique and had 2-3 guys crossing the underpass (in a single run) holding on to the cycle. :) This way we managed to help at least a hundred motorists that night. There was a good Samaritan and a lone traffic policeman who were there throughout the ordeal. Was a very fulfilling experience. And guess what? A majority guys who crossed the other side waited till the entire bunch of stranded guys crossed over. There were a couple of Infoscions too. Guys, if any of you here was one amongst the stranded motorists that night, I was the guy and not some out-of-luck vegetable vendor as you must have thought. :)

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