Nicole's odd life

By oddlife

Happy Boobday to you..

Happy Boobday to you, Happy Boobday dear ALEX. Happy Boobday to you.

Apologies about the grainy shot. I do like that Baby Alex is watching daddy at work. Proud moment :) "This is how you do it son... NOM!!"

I need to point out that the cake was made by Rach, Nikki and myself.

Highlights of tonight:

1. Nikki shouting to me about how I don't want to sit with the "Jesus people" in front of said people, and they being her Jesus people.

2. Nikki being dizzy and almost falling over due to labyrinthitis and pulling my top up to steady her. Thus exposing my lacey bra to her inlaws (and other people in the restaurant) who dislike me.....for unknown reasons - possibly relating to non Jesus-loving-ness and now due to flashing.

3. Kev being a Wizzard.

4. Kev saying the C word lots.

5. Having to ask the Indian waiters for the boobie cake, then them giving it to 6 year old Emily with a giant knife on it and then freaking out.

6. Rach looking schexxxay.

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