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Colin's cuffs

1. This edition of Five Things is being "Guest Edited" by "Colin", the shadowy character referenced herewithin on several previous occasions. These are "his" cufflinks pictured, manufactured by hand, by "himself" from sterling silver and bone china. So there. And the green jumper/ white shirt combo is a sartorial nod to Saint Paddy. Gorblessya.

2. Lady Five Things is all beside herself today because her Five Minute Tide seems to be turning. Tune in regularly for updates.

3. There is beer on the go. Right. Now.

4. I went to B&Q today to buy shelving for my walk-in cupboard. (Lady Five Things is screaming in my ear "this will not stand, man! this tedious man-stuff will not stand!")

5. "Colin" realises that the "Publisher" status of Lady Five Things trumps his "Guest Editor" status so is thrilled to tell you how wonderful tonight's visit to the Citizens Theatre, Glasgow, was a personal and professional triumph. Lady Five Things had her iceberg of frustration with the Public Transport System melted a bit by the warmth of some wonderful Lover Letters. Meanwhile, downstairs in the Citz main auditorium, "Colin" was to be found directing the flow of conversation at the post-show discussion for Girl X, an enthusiastic exchange of ideas and positivity between some very exceptional theatre-makers and a very loving crowd.

6. And Lord Gaga enjoyed it too.

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