By RustyKlicker

Spring Barbecue?

I am starting to like a quick check in the garden in the morning to see if there is anything blip worthy or just a test for the camera. It will be some time before I am comfortable with this one.

This morning is quite different weather to yesterday with a fairly hard frost and very cold. So I thought I would use my little spring again and get a contrasting shot to yesterdays spring crocus and see what I could find.

I got some decent shots on the patio furniture showing the amazing depth of field range of the camera, but ultimately I didn't like the actual images enough to be today's blip.

So the Ying to yesterday's Yang, is my 'Spring Barbecue'. As you can see its not burger time quite yet.

Anyway, must crack on with the day and get everything out of the way for the weekend. Golf, Rugby and dining out are all on the cards so I am looking forward to it.

Hope you have a good one planned too.

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