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Pie in the sky

The mood I'm in today that might well be where they end up! Had a woman in for lunch. She ordered a cream of celeriac and truffle soup. Then she had half and sent it back saying that it was not to her taste. What do I do? Give her a refund? But if I buy a new flavour packet of crisps and I don't like them I don't get my money back. She just really annoyed me but as it happens we are in the hospitality industry so we are hospitable. I just made a fresh mushroom soup so I gave her half a cup of that instead, then she complained that she didn't get any bread, because she ate all the bread the first time....grrrrr....
I have a new member of staff starting tonight, I hope my mood has lightened by then!

Have a nice weekend everybody!

Oh and the pies are sheperd's pies for the pie night tonight.

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