Forgotten Garden

Pal Chris took me into this old Victorian walled garden on our last walk together. It's in St Ives estate and it's obvious from the gardening debris and the modern greenhouse that gardeners through the ages have tried to do something with it. Sadly at the moment it is covered in roaming brambles and very sad indeed. I'm sure with the new found interest in allotment gardens there must be someone who could make a go of it. I've been in a couple of times now and I do wonder if I'm trespassing - keep expecting to get a bum full of buckshot from some country gent wearing plus fours!

I also did this in black and white and couldn't decide which one to go with, what do you think? I think because it has been such a lovely day, that's probably why I've kept the colour version.

The garden gate is the other side of here!

It's been a busy day today as we orienteered in Hathersage in Derbyshire in the morning too. Beautiful views from the opposite end of the Hope Valley and Mam Tor where Jenny and I were two weeks ago, as well as Stanage Edge from the car parking field. Big thankyou to lawrie and H for getting me back to Leeds Station after the event!

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