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By lozarithm

Old Sign

I had to go into Bath for a few things today and perhaps inevitably found myself walking through the tunnel under the Bath Tub Bistro on Pulteney Bridge to the River Avon, and then down to the point in Widcombe where it is joined by the Kennet and Avon, and east along the towpath.

Having done what I went for, I had re-parked on a roadside spot at 16:00 where two hours parking was allowed. The restrictions used to end at 18:00 which meant I could have come back whenever I liked, but a while ago they extended the controlled period to 19:00 so I began fretting about whether I would get back in time half-way through my walk, and didn't get as far as I otherwise would have. I was over cautious and got back before I needed to.

I did get quite a few pictures though, including this very old and rather handsome Great Western Railways sign, situated on a bridge in Pulteney Gardens that they must have controlled at some point despite it being some way from the railway line. The view is looking back west along the canal, very shortly before it merges with the river.

The canal was the brainchild of Sir John Rennie in the eighteenth century, and runs alongside the River Avon for a considerable section of its western extent, at a somewhat higher level in the Avon valley, crossing it on major aquaducts at Avoncliff and Dundas.

I had to choose this photograph since in the background is both a cat and a canal; things with which I am especially associated by disdatdudda. I expected the cat to run away, but actually she ran up to me to be petted and then walked in circles around me, rubbing against my legs.

Lens: Sigma 70-300mm

More legible in Large.

Taking Pictures
Canal Cat
Penny Lane (Pentax 18-55mm)

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