The Lozarithm Lens

By lozarithm


It was a plan. There was a photography exhibition on today in a newly restored barn in Bradford-on-Avon. Drive over there. Photograph the barn for the barn series that I don't have but have blipped two pictures for already. See the exhibition. Take a tour around the town and take more pictures.

It all went great. There was a hitch when I arrived in Bradford and discovered I didn't have my camera bag that contained my four best cameras and all my lenses. Another hitch was that although I'd parked where the barn was according to the online directions, it wasn't there, and nobody I asked had heard of it. I found a poster for the exhibition, but it merely gave the location as West Barn, Bradford-on-Avon. Mysteriously, it also gave the dates of the exhibition as a week later than those on the website of a local paper. Further details were available at the Tourist Information Centre, which luckily was directly in front of me. Things were working out. Being a Sunday afternoon it was closed, tourists not needing information then, admittedly an inconvenience.

As it turns out, the local paper had the dates wrong, and the postcode they had quoted was for the Tourist Information Centre. West Barn is opposite the Tithe Barn I blipped last Tuesday.

Searching through the car I'd found an emergency Vivitar camera I'd bought in Morrison's, Devizes in 2007 to keep in the car in case of accident, and never used since. It was a basic automatic point and shoot of old school mobile phone quality and its batteries were flat, but having managed to buy some new ones at a newsagents nearby I was able to snap this swan nesting under the Norman Town Bridge and a few other shots at the same site before calling it a day. Some times it is wise to know when to quit. It would be an anecdote to tell a friend I was passing on the way home. She was out.

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