The Lozarithm Lens

By lozarithm

Dyrham Park NT

Had a lovely visit to Dyrham Park this afternoon, the day of the Spring Equinox, and saw the common fallow deer bucks (the does were in the woods out of sight) and the house. I'd last seen them last August when their chestnut coats were mottled with white spots. At this time of year they are unspotted and much darker.

On the way back we saw some spring lambs.

Blip #667
Consecutve Blip #088
Day #727

Bucks In Gloucs
Urn In Dyrham Park Garden
Spring Lamb #1
Spring Lamb #2

Dyrham Park NT, 20 March 2012 (Flickr set)

Lenses: Sigma 70-300mm, Pentax 17-70mm

One year ago: Bradford-on-Avon

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