The Phoenix Rises

By sheilaM

Umbrella tree.

A visit to "Little East Europe" in Perth today.

The tenemented flatted community, just beside the Mill Lade hosts many different nationalities. The strange thing is, although they are are in low cost accomodation, it doesn't feel half as bad as some of the streets with no other nationalities, but my own.
Most of the people who live there have degrees and are over here to make enough money to go back and "Make it", in their own country.

The ones I have met, seem mostly great people, even if one young couple had great joy in teaching me the Polish for a useful professional question, but in fact it was a very inappropriate phrase full of swear words, (I later found out)

Home after work to a homemade Prawn Bhoona with homemade Chapatis.
Ta Ally.

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