Big Hill

By bighill

Mussel Harvesting!

What an amazing day....sunny and bright....but a bit on the cold side! I managed to get over to the studio and made some big bowls, first time throwing since the slicing of the fingers....they still work - yahooo!!!

Then late afternoon we headed down to St. Anne's Bay - Terry really wanted mussels for dinner! So, here he is, getting his hands very cold and wet......he managed to get quite a good bagful.....and as usual, my intentions were quite different....taking photographs! I'm not a big mussel fan - even altho they are fresh ones - so i feel justified in not partaking of the freezing hands operation!!! His hands did get very cold - i did offer my gloves - he refused :)

Then onto Englishtown and a bit of a stroll around down there!

And it is officially spring in less that 2 hours here.....another thing to celebrate!

There are some other images I really loved from this afternoons trip over on my blipfolio!

Happy Spring folks !!!

Oh and another's Sub've got to take a look at this crazy blipper... made me laugh out loud....and her work is really good too :)

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