As She Sees It

By AsSheSeesIt

The Writing on the Wall

Working the weekend at the hospital has its pros and cons. In my department there is generally less to do on Sundays, but we still have to be there just in case. So today I took my camera and headed up to one of the undeveloped floors in our new building. I had thoughts of wall textures and great views and then I discovered these doodles on the sheetrock just outside the elevator. I guess it takes a while to get an elevator to the tenth floor and this is the result. The hand on the left is actually attached to a yoyo, but that was so far down the wall I could not get it all in one shot and still manage details.

My schedule shifts a bit starting this week, I used to have the Monday off after my weekends, but now it will be Tuesday. Mondays can be a bit busy so I hope it goes fast and I do not have to think about how tired I am.

I fell asleep before the moon showed up last night so I missed the glory. I am glad so many blippers captured it; I was able to see it from so many locations.

The weekend is winding down and so am I. Capo is looking for attention so I think it is time for a snuggle with the kitty. I hope you all have a happy and productive week.

Happy blipping!

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