Waiting for Jonny

By yearofhappy

Misbehaving cameras and Big Ben's little brother

Was working in Bradford centre today . Got a quick ten mins free after seeing a client . Sat in the city square in the sun blipping away at the architecture. I say sat...obviously was in Blip Mode which means I crouched , squatted, stood on tip toes, stood on a narrow wall on one leg on stilts in order to get the perfect shot. Well maybe not the last but you get my gist . ....

I was beginning to look wierd and the phone kept crashing and cutting out like yesterday so I had to just snap and hope for the best

So this is my " hope for the best blip" . It's Bradford Town Hall with Yorkshire's answer to Big Ben , I will get it a better view next time. I still like the shapes of the towers on the roof and the sunshine giving a hint of colour on the clock face.

If the phone had lost this shot I was going to take a photo of my shadow across the stone pavings with me sticking two fingers up in frustration at the camera ! Luckily you were saved that !

It's been a great day, nice long lunch for a colleague leaving to go on Maternity leave. Finished work now and the sun is fabulous fabulous fabulous

Hope you all have a good evening


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