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By oddlife

Adventures in Mundanity #2

Oh look. Boots today. How exciting.

I even wore these today. I ventured off to the school my brother teaches at to be a supervising adult on a nature trail thing with his P6 class and little P1's as well. We saw many dogs, trees, broken Buckfast bottles and was told fantastic stories about "Santa Clause" and P1's telling nice stories about foxes in bushes with butterflies.

After that, I went back to Dunfermline and photocopied some bits and pieces for the Nursing Bank interview I have tomorrow. Then went off to parents house. They're just back from Kendal and had a loooooovely time, so looked at their photos and had a bit of a debate about what makes a good manager and then I was sent on my way with sticky toffee pudding and chocolate pudding from their holidays. It's a hard life.

After all that, Mark made us toad in the hole. I watched the Jade Goody thing that's been on the telly marking the 2 year anniversary of her death. I'm such a sucker for her. I thought she was fab when she was alive and I'm still pretty gutted she is dead!

Speaking of dead, Liz Taylor!! Dead at age 79 from Heart Failure. Gutted. People should stop dying. It's totally ruining my happy mood......ach....not for long. That Friday song is stuck in my head and I have decided to embrace the RB, Rebecca Black and love her.

Forget Bieber Fever, I have the Black Plague!! woooo!!

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