Nicole's odd life

By oddlife

A little bit of dirt never hurt anyone!

I like mud :) I still have it under my nails. Never had much use for a nail brush until now and you know what...I don't have one!

Good day today! Weather was beautiful, so up I got and off to the jobcentre to have my job seekers interview...ok, so not the most fun start but the gap between jobs is a right pain in the bum! I've been waiting since February to start my new job! We also need the money, so I went.

I then had an interview to join the NHS Nursing bank for my area. That went well, so I'm being put through so just more disclosures to pass and an occupational health assessment!

After I got home, Colin and husband Mark were in the garden. They had put up the new whirly gig! They had taken down the old poles and had dug a veggie patch. So we spent the next few hours planting the veggies and also planting the strawberries. I may have got a little muddy. You can see the new cloche and strawberry plants in grow bags behind my mud/zombie hand.

Just had some pasta and going to have some sticky toffee pudding later!! Awesome.

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