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By oddlife

Twilight Cake

Mostly made by Rach and Nikki...but I did a few bits. Namely the apple and the pawn. The finishing touches (making sure the black was properly black) haven't been done yet. Let's just pretend we don't see the white on black bits.

Seem to like blipping cakes:
Boobie Cake
Wedding Cake

After not doing much cake decorating I did lots of demanding to see pictures of the baby that has says "Get to the Choppa!" and trying to find amazon type women who are still lady-like but strong and athletic. That was difficult.

Apart from this evening, today was uneventful. Housework, TV, waiting for the post. Got my results of my smear...all is fine and I don't have to have another for 3 YEARS!!! I've never had them more than a year apart so this is a turn up for the books.

Oh, and finally got all the dirt out from my fingernails yesterday :)

As Charlie Sheen would say....WINNING!!!!

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