By cracker

Adventure in the cave!

This morning we got ready, dropped Spence off at Mum's house and then drove to Traralgon to measure up our new house! It is an old Department of Housing house and needs a bit of work! We measured up the floors, walls and windows and took some photos. We are planning on renovating it and then putting a tenant in it and hopefully subdividing the block and building a new three bedroom house on the back! That is the plan anyway!

We finished up at the house and then did some food shopping, came back and picked up Spence then came back down to the beach. We had a fire tonight because it was a bit cold and also to try and dry the washing!!

Tomorrow we might go to Walkerville for an adventure if the weather is good and then come back and look through the house down here that we were interested in from yesterday! It would be awesome to have a holiday house down here by the beach that we could use and we would also rent it out when we could, to try to get a bit of money back instead of it costing us heaps of money!! So many decisions!!

After tea tonight I realised that I didn't have a blip yet so Spence and I went out in to the back yard here and went on an adventure 'into the forest'! In the back yard here my nieces (we are staying in my brother's holiday house) have built a cubby in the trees and Spence found it the other day. He now says to me 'Mummy, let's go on an adventure in to the forest and find some treasure and see the lions'!! The treasure is three coloured hair bands that the girls have hung on a tree branch and the lions are pretend ones that are sometimes are nice and sometimes scary!! It is really lovely to see Spence's imagination growing!

Here is a photo of us both in the 'cave'. I used the flash and it was nearly dark so the shutter speed was slow and Spence started off standing and then as I took it he came towards me! It adds to the 'cave adventure' feel I think!!

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