Kitchen Devils

Another "Saturday Sequence" blip

Seem to spend far too much time doing housework of a Saturday. And a disproportionate amount of that seems to happen in this kitchen, clearing up Friday's empty booze bottles and take-away remnants mostly. Thankfully (I use that term in its loosest possible form) our two charges here volunteered, if you can volunteer after being slipped a fiver that is, to help out. That's a double-edged sword in the Delph Wynd Daily household of course as the petty squabbling and tendency to make more mess than they clear is sometimes more hassle than it's worth. For instance, in this sequence you can see Euan making a valiant effort at some old-fashioned dish washing in the sink FULL of fairy liquid bubbles as his sister squeals at him 'cause he's soaked the floor and she keeps slipping. He then proceeded to move the already washed dishes out of the sink and into the dishwasher. Cue yet more incredulous squawking from our Hez.

Ach, they're great kids really, wouldn't swap them for the world.

Off for some posh-nosh in a bit, followed by some gentle liver bashing.

Have a good Saturday evening all, and remember to put all those clocks back forward before you go off to fill in your census forms.

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