Just After

I'm guessing there might be a lot of sunset pics posted from this corner of the world tonight as it was another stupendous day weather-wise, so I've went for a just after sunset blip instead.

There was actually a crowd down by the water watching this tonight; some old dudes in their mobility vehicles chatting away, folk walking their dogs, couples driving in to eat their McDonalds, kids chucking stones in the water. They all stopped for a few minutes to watch this though. The combination of it being the second day after the clocks went forward and, by coincidence, the second day in a row IN MARCH that the thermometer pushed the low twenties had people out and about in droves this evening.

That was my excuse too for jumping on the bike and cycling back down to the harbour again tonight. Still no porpoise performance, but a seal did pop its head up briefly, catching me off guard.

Took loads of other photos today as we had our first tour of the new college campus that's just being finished off outside Stirling (straight out between the Castle there and Ben Lomond in the distance). Seriously going to find it difficult to focus on any work I think as they views - especially in today's sunshine - are very pleasing on the eye indeed.

It's nice when you can say you're looking forward to going to your workplace. Let's hope that lasts.

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