Porpoise Watch

Sunburnt in March! Just looked in the mirror there and my face is glowing like a red blip-balloon. That's never happened before as far as I can remember.

Spent a fantastic couple of hours down The Shore here this afternoon, scrambling over rocks, watching the tide come in, listening to the birds, chatting to Riverman, chatting to other photographers, chewing the fat with my brother and trying to grab a photo of the porpoise that's been spotted swimming around here the past wee while. No joy today, but it was great to just sit around and soak up the atmosphere (until, that is, the screeching wummin arrived with her two dugs who ran back and forward at anyone who walked by so she was constantly shouting 'Giro!" at the hyper pooch. Giro?).

Headed home and jumped on the bike for an evening's cycle around the local Dam. Swallowed one flying beastie, spat out another two en route.

Got back to a big plate of mince and tatties which I sat and ate outside in the garden. In March. That's never happened before as far as I can remember.

Almost a perfect weekend, such a pity it's an hour shorter than all the rest of them.

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