Ok, the weather won.

I did try and point the camera at something else today but it's just there. Everywhere. Slightly demob happy after managing to escape work in daylight today and headed up the Ballengeich Road to the castle esplanade for some fresh air. It was fresh. There were a few brave tourists (two brave tourists and their cocooned kid) watching the sunshine on one side and the snowy squalls on the other, but otherwise the place was deserted.

Home to find the recently delivered dishwasher hauled out into the middle of the kitchen floor because it wasn't emptying with Samantha convinced there was a part missing. A stern phone-call to the supplier and the missing part's winging it's way on the back of a fulsome apology. I stuck my fingers in there for a quick look. Turns out the part's there after all, and there was just a kink in the pipe stopping the thing from draining properly.


Had a quick swatch at the year ago blip there; basking in the sunshine, temperature in the low twenties it was.


Had one eye on the Scotland game too.


Had a play with this in some new software tonight, looks like being a nice addition to the post production arsenal.

Big Storm

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