I hope the people that live in that cottage aren't paranoid - it seems that if they looked out their window any evening I'm working through this way they'd see me pointing a camera at them. That'll teach them to set up in such a photogenic location 99 years ago.

The Ochils, as a backdrop, were looking pretty sweet in the sunshine late on today, against a rare blue sky and between snow showers. Was so keen to get some shots I forgot I'd set the camera to a lower resolution and wasn't shooting in RAW (was trying out some new settings on the camera after Sony eventually got around to upgrading its firmware and gave us some decent bracketing options). Got away with it though.

Stopped a bit further along but didn't get out as there was another car there all steamed up. Must've been boiling up some tatties in there for their tea or something.

Hump day done, now on a rapid descent to the Easter weekend and dreaming of a white Easter, just like the ones I used to not know.

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