10 x 10 x 10

I was going to say this sneaked up on me but, after royally screwing up my 500th I was making sure I had it all planned out.

So, for the past month or so, I've been sneaking in the odd wee shot or two that has been working up towards my thousandth blip tonight. This might have meant that a few of the more recent shots have maybe been a little below par (Ok, taking shots of the gents urinals in a Stirling pub might be well below par) but it's taken a lot more planning than normal to set it up. I'm not even sure if I got away with it completely as some of them have been a bit more obvious than others and, even more so, if anyone had looked closely at my 'About Page' the whole game might've been given away. Anyway, enough of the excuses...

My first One Thousand.

(Hoping that worked, and if you can't see it because you're not a full member you can see the final result on this page.)

As well as the customary nods to the blipfoto bods and to Joe, whom, without his bedroom antics, this opportunity may never have arisen, to all the people that have (voluntarily or inadvertently) appeared on here in the past 1000 days, and to all the new friends I've made along that journey, my biggest and most special thanks goes out to my unfailing and uncomplaining (Ha!) muse, model, stunt man and camera assistant here. Euan has been a constant feature in this journal, in front of and behind the camera, and as I look back through the entries on here it's seeing how much this wee man's changed and having it all recorded through this site is one of the main reasons I'm not going to be stopping anytime soon.

Cheers one and all, we're off to see what adventures are out there in the next thousand days (with our shiny new cameras of course)

PS: The reason we're both smiling in this is because, as I squeezed Euan's stomach he let rip one rip-roaring fart. Classy.

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